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Rudolph Steiner                        Agriculture Courses

David Suzuki                            The Legacy

Pat Coleby                               Farming Naturally & Organic Animal Care

Michael Pollan                          The Omnivores Dilemma

Michael Van Straten                  Food For Life

Barbara Kingsolver                   Animal, Vegetable, Miracle



The films listed below are eye-opening, interesting and entertaining, and really capture the problems with, and healthy alternatives to some modern farming and food production methods. Click on the youtube trailers to check them out.

How To Save the World – One Man, One Cow, One Planet

This is a great documentary about Peter Proctor from New Zealand, teaching Biodynamic approaches to farmers in India.


The Real Dirt on Farmer John

A brilliant movie about John Peterson, the founder of Angelic Organics, and the history of his family farm.

Food Inc.

A 2008 documentary film about corporate farming in the USA, and the unhealthy, environmentally harmful consequences.

The Future of Food

A 2004 American documentary describing an investigation into unlabelled, patented, GMO foods.

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